County Fair

In County Fair you have just gotten lucky as you have recently inherited a county fair that has been left to you by a distant relation of yours. However, things are not as merry as they were once, and the County Fair has seen a lot of tough times as the popularity of the fair has been affected a lot. You have the help of the experienced employee that is forever ready to serve you, named Randal. With his help you have to ensure that the fair grows back to the once merry times that it has experienced before.

This game not only has a single county fait to offer, but you will be the sole manager and the owner of a series of amusement parks that will be built all over the place. The basic aim of the game is to make sure that you earn a considerable profit at the end of each day, and this can be done by completing tasks, constructing rides, food stalls for refreshment, and also keep up with the fair that lasts a few days. These tasks will require a number of workers, security arrangements, and also the right management.

The game play of County Fair is very engaging as there is no shortage of tasks to perform and things to do. The tutorial at the beginning of the game is quite helpful especially for beginners. There are upgrades available for all ventures in the business, and you will be able to access them soon. The interesting levels in County Fair will keep you interested and challenged for a long time. You can also fix the prices that you deem fit for your rides, and change them to earn a higher profit. All in all, County Fair is an entertaining simulation game for players of all ages.

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