Core FTP

Core FTP is an application that provides support to users who need to transfer files between an offline and an online location. Users can easily install this tool and within seconds, they will be able to start working with it and create the first FTP connection. Multiple of them can be created and saved, too.

Core FTP has a simple and intuitive interface and users have the possibility to work with it quite easy. The file transfer process is nothing more than simple dragging and dropping the required elements from a column to the other. Users are notified about the transfer status through a download bar and simultaneous transfers can be achieved, depending on the internet speed.

Core FTP requires users to input the website’s address and the login credentials, along with the connection port. This way, the connection is established and it is also saved for later use. This is great when multiple websites have to be worked with by a user. Passwords can be saved but only if the users explicitly selects this option. ZIP and RAR files can be decompressed directly by the application and text files can be edited without the need of a third party utility.



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