Cool Flash Maker

Cool Flash Maker is a simple application that can be used by people who want to create Flash elements on the go, without having to actually learn how to code. The utility is designed to work as a WYSIWYG editor in order for users to quickly see the results of their editing and create their Flash elements with ease. The interface of the app is quite simple, although it features several toolbars filled with tools.

Cool Flash Maker allows users to create both visual and audible Flash elements that can be further added onto web pages. This allows users to simply copy the code resulting from their Flash design wherever it is needed. Then, it will be displayed by the browser. There are various templates added within the utility so that users can start working with pre-built elements.

Cool Flash Maker provides templates for the most encountered Flash elements on the web, such as menus, greeting messages or advertisements. They can all be customized according to one’s needs, with the aid of colors, fonts and various images. Pre-built SFW files can also be added into the editor and as long as a source code is provided, too, they will be fully editable.

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