Commandos 2: Men Of Courage

Commandos 2: Men Of Courage belongs to the genre of real-time tactics game. In the game the player has to play as the leader and command a group of commandos, to accomplish various missions give to him.

At the very start of each mission, a number of commandos are placed under the player, and each of them possesses unique abilities in particular fields. This gaming software has two modes, a single player mode and a multiplayer mode; both of the modes are equally interesting. Commando 2: Men Of Courage offers the player with various missions that needs to be fulfilled. This game encompasses total 21 missions. The first two are training missions, the next ten being the main mission, and the other nine missions are bonuses.

The graphics and the background music is praise worthy and it adds on to the attraction of the game. Each character in the game is enabled with certain abilities; the team has a sniper, a driver to dive the tanks, a spy, a thief and many more such characters. The given mission has to be fulfilled before the player can reach the next level in the game.

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