Color by Number

Color by Number application helps someone to convert photos into paint by number pattern. The user just needs to scan the photos or upload the graphics from the disk and then choose the brand of paints or crayons to be used in the image. Then this program will convert the image into the paint by number pattern, which is optimized for the palette that the user has chosen.

A person can print the pattern along with the color key. Color by Number offers the option of “Use Mixed Colors” to enable the user to make sure that the colors actually match with those of the image. This feature helps to make the most accurate reproduction of the colors present in the actual image, because the choice of colors is not getting limited within the particular palette chosen by the user.

Color by Number also offers shaded palettes, which possess various shades of different pure palette colors. Thus, even if the image contains colors which are not present in both the pure palettes and mixed palettes, a person can color the image with the shaded palettes. All these features make this software an automatic choice for people who love to color images.

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