CLUE Classic

CLUE Classic is one of the most sought after and successful games of all times. You can play it all by yourself and eliminate the need to engage with other players as the artificial intelligence in the game is supreme and without doubt very adequate. The game is as the name suggests, you have to find the clues and solve a mystery that has plagued the people in the game for a very long time. The mystery has kept people on their toes for almost five decades and it is up to you to figure it out. Mr. Broody has been killed and the people who have been suspected of his murder, Prof. Plum, Col Mustard, and Miss Scarlet, have come together in the Tudor Mansion.

You will have lots of clues and suspects to go through, interrogate and make the most of what the game has to offer. Who do you think committed such a ghastly murder? Was it possible that Mr. Green who owns a revolver did it, or was it Mr. Peacock who had a lead pipe in the ballroom? You have 6 different suspects and 6 unique murder weapons spread across 9 huge rooms in the mansion and so there is no shortage of the clues that you have to find and figure out in the game.

You will have to roll the dice, and then make your way across the mansion and through the carious rooms, rounding up suspects and examining the clues that are present there to help you solve the murder. You will have to use the logic of elimination to sort out the clues and determine the murderer. You will have to eliminate the suspects until only 3 remain so that you can make an educated guess as to who has committed the crime. You can also play this game with friends and catch the killer together.

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