Candy Pop

Enjoy more than 300 free levels of popping with Candy Pop! If you are one of those who love popping candies and bubbles, this game is for you. The game adds to this favorite action, the challenge of finding those that eliminate the rest of them. With colorful candies, joyful sounds, challenge brain to defeat the time. Go ahead to candy pop. The game is about popping all the candies you see on the screen using the taps of allowed number indicated as the ‘taps left’ on the top left corner. A single tap of green candy initiates a release of four balls in four different directions that get into the near bubbles to cause popping or changing their color to one step closer to pop.

In this game, different colors are used for bubbles to indicate different difficulty levels. This means you need multiple arrows to explode any specific colored bubble. A green candy requires one arrow, red bubble needs two arrows, three arrows for yellow and four for blue. One can view this memo by pressing the pause button situated at the upper right corner at any time during the game. The candy which gets an arrow would change its color to one step lower until green and then it explodes. The goal of the player in this game is to choose the correct candy using the allowed amount of taps. Cause a thrilling chain reaction and make the candies pop.

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