To block the child from viewing unwanted, harmful contents in the internet, there are thousands of software programs in the market. However, most of them provide complicated working mechanism, and thus not as effective as they need to be. In such a context, BlockSmart is one of the solutions that someone can have. It is effective yet simple to work with. The software employs online sources to help the parents in blocking a wide range of websites from the access of the child.

The software can block both pornography sites and gambling websites. The software comes with automatic update feature. This helps to protect from all the new threats. Parents can modify the BlockSmart software settings to allow as well as restrict accessing a particular website. The software is extremely prompt with its action and as soon as it gets installed in the user’s computer, it starts filtering.

The user needs to create a free account in the software to use it properly. The account is password protected and only with the help of this account, a user can modify the software. Adults can disable the software while using the computer for uninterrupted access to any content. The software is compatible with the different version of Windows Operating System.



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