BlackHawk Web Browser

BlackHawk web browser is the similar type of web browser application developed based on the Chrome web browser application from Google. BlackHawk shares the same amount of intuitive user friendly interface involvement that of the contemporarily used Google Chrome web browser. The software is a very familiar one for those individual who already have used Chrome. The same kind of extensions that are being installed by the Google in the Chrome browser is being supported by this BlackHawk browser.

While supporting the tabbed browsing, extensions and developer tools can also be installed and used based upon the user requirements as the BlackHawk web browser supports all the recommended extension settings from Google Chrome. Also, with using this particular piece of software you can always chose to see a website on an Internet Explorer based tabbed webpage showing the particular webpage ranking as well. Options that are available near the search box are some of the really intuitive features that are bound to make your internet surfing involvement better and bigger.

If you chose to log-in with your Gmail account into this software you can easily import all the customized settings for privacy and security related options from Chrome browser. Also, this software is does not afford to offer more speed than the Chrome while navigating through webpages, and the performance is also same as that of Chrome web browser application. This software has a good response time and uses moderate system memory. Being compatible with all Windows OS versions including Vista and 7, this can be a good option to choose.



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