Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) for PC is a very utilitarian app, which can be used to increase the battery life on your device. The app works by finding the apps which run in the background and drain power unnecessarily, and changes your device’s settings to stop the battery from emptying faster. The app supports 19 languages, so it can be used by anyone. The app comes with many features, and it lets you change or disable certain apps which drain too much power.

Another great quality of this app is that, it very accurately calculates exactly how much remaining battery time is left and how long it will last. There is yet another amazing feature in this app, where the app breaks down your charging into a Unique 3 Stage Charging system, where you get to know exactly how much your battery has been charged, and also prevents you from overcharging your battery. There is also a Task Cleaner Widget, which can with just one click kill all unnecessary app in the background and boost the life of your battery.

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