BartVPN is a VPN client that is designed to maintain the privacy of the users by tunneling the internet connection through safe and stable VPN servers, which are available all over the world. As soon as the connection is established with the VPN servers, the true identity of the user becomes masked behind a fake IP address. But the important fact is that other computers in the public network do not enjoy the secure tunnel.

The notable features of this VPN client are complete security on all Wi-Fi hotspots and full masking while surfing after the connection is established. As the connection is encrypted, hacking is impossible on social networking sites and there is a complete security for banking on the internet and there is little or no chance of being a victim of cybercrime, with the help of this software. BartVPN also has an additional advantage of encrypting data, which are sent from almost all the web applications installed on the user’s computer as well as the web browsers and the download managers.

All these things make this VPN client one of the most powerful and dominating VPN clients available till today. In spite of these advanced features, this tool is extremely easy to use. BartVPN is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 etc.

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