Baby Shusher

A revolutionary tool for parents, Baby Shusher is a nice little baby caring app designed for those looking for an effective way to soothe their fussy babies. It is based upon the ancient but medically tested and approved method of soothing babies. The application essentially stops the baby from crying, safely, with the rhythmic sound called ‘shush’ engaging the baby’s natural calming reflex. It does this by reminding it of still being in the womb. This method is far better effective than the standard white noise and simple lullabies. The program offers shusher timer options using which you can set from 15 minutes to upto 8 hours of continuous shushing.

The application also includes a sound equalizer that allows it to listen to the baby every three minutes to adjust the shush volume to the baby’s cry volume. According to this, if the baby is wailing, the shush is loud and when it becomes quiet, the volume settles to a soothing background music. In addition to this, you get the ability to record ‘custom’ shush and implement it into the app. You can save any number of personalized shushes as you want.

Soothe your crying baby with this effective piece of software and ensure it gets a good sleep! Try the desktop version with BlueStacks emulator for free today!



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