B2B Activator Software

The B2B Activation software is an application software that searches for new leads in the sales for customers and a contacts panorama of targets with customized messages. It confers with many search engines and dig out contact details from those target prospects’ websites. This software application also amalgamates contact information and propels modified emails to the numbers of the prospects immediately. This application is created to enable the smooth growth of a business, enhancing their marketing needs, improving internal competencies and supervise or commune information in an organized way.

This application has been published by the software companies Silk Sail and Spadix. It is a business software tool which is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT. This software is downloadable in a file of approximately 2MB size. It has the ability to build customized application economically for other workforces and internal processes. Using this technology, employees can confide in significant data associated with certain tasks using their personal gadgets and then attach photos, videos and bar-codes to those obtained information.

The database that is secured in the mobile device is then clouded through custom dashboard for their worldwide availability. Some other fruitful advantages that are being offered by the B2B Activator software are management and entrance of barcode and data respectively, control of inventory and spoilt goods, manufacturing, assessment of risks, management of fields and resources, providing geographic information services, construction services, engineering and many more. This application tool has the ability to curb the additional losses that is being incurred by an enterprise due to inefficient workforce and hence this software has set up its mark in the software industry.



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