AVP: Evolution

AVP: Evolution for PC is a thrilling android game. On a distant planet the clash between two species of the Predator clans – jungle hunters and super predators, continues. The super predators have acquired the abilities and powers of another species from another planet, known as aliens, in a final bid to finish off the Jungle Hunters. The aliens are enslaved and the jungle hunters are threatened. You have to play as an Alien to free Aliens from enslavement, and as a Jungle Hunter to eliminate the Alien queen and save your own clan. You can empower both your alien and jungle hunter avatars with character upgradations, new weapons and armor etc. Special abilities and equipments like net guns, proximity mines, thermal vision will empower your characters further. With several thrilling and eerie settings, engaging fights, richly detailed graphics and other features this is a game to look forward to.

With BlueStacks emulator in your computer you can download and play AVP: Evolution for PC.

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