Avast Free Antivirus

Designed and developed for Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista systems; Avast Antivirus is a software utility that is intended to help users secure their systems and data from various malware software. A product that has been designed and developed by AVAST Software, you can avail this tool as a free to use software application. This tool claims to offer the same advanced technology found in most other contemporary antivirus applications when it comes to its anti-malware scan functionalities and capabilities. It is integrated with a hybrid update mechanism that ensures updates are executed in real-time, as it avoids the need for updating the complete database.

Some of its other prominent features are the file reputation system that makes use of community data; the WebRep browser add-on that is compatible with Safari and easily detects fake website certificates; the sandbox feature that quarantines suspicious applications in a virtualized state; and the restore factory settings option that helps to restore your app to its original state. The sandbox function is an innovative feature that allows you to run suspicious applications while maintaining all the permanent changes implemented by it in a virtual state ensuring that these do not adversely impact your system’s security. You can also configure a white-list of applications that need to be exempted from sandbox.

When it comes to system performance, this tool is considered to be moderately fast in its scans; however, it scores when it comes to RAM usage as it is less memory-intensive. In other words, it does not impact your system’s performance in an adverse manner, allowing you to continue with routine activities without compromising on the application’s functions or vice-versa. The tool comes integrated with a simple interface and easily identifiable buttons or tabs. The tool also offers the option to help you analyze how it performs during security threats by offering information on the scans that were conducted in a graphical manner.

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