Autorun Exterminator is an application engineered for the purpose of protecting the system in real time against the viruses which gets transmitted through external storage devices. This special category of viruses makes use of the file called “autorun.inf” for infecting the USB device. Autorun Exterminator monitors the computer hard drives and searches for the “autorun.inf” in the root of the drive. If the file is found then it is deleted by Autorun Exterminator. The installer file weighs around 16.63 kilobytes in terms of file size. There is no paid version of this software, only a complementary version exists on the internet. Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7; any of the mentioned operating system does well with Autorun Exterminator.

There are various features of Autorun Exterminator which makes it and obvious choice when it comes to eliminating viruses from the USB devices. As mentioned above also it scans the downloaded and installed files present in the various drives for “autorub.inf” file. Once the file is found then a report is sent to the user, which contains all the details related to the found file. The results are displayed in the form of an icon in the System Tray which is placed near the Windows clock.

After the user receives the report it asks the user to respond to it, that is whether to delete the file or not provided it is found. Though majority of the times the file is automatically deleted in order to ensure 100% protection to the system. The latest version of Autorun Exterminator has many new enhancements. The activity log of the “autorun.inf” file can also be viewed and deleted. After the deletion of the “autorun.inf” file from the external storage devices or CDs or DVDs (wherever it is found) the functionalities or the data contained in the above devices are not affect.

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