Auto Mouse Mover

The mouse is an important ingredient in the working of a PC. It is so important that the moving of the mouse while the user is not operating anything allows the desktop to stay awake. Else the desktop logs off. There can be times when the user is away from the desktop and is busy in some other work. In that case the desktop logs off. There is a solution found to solve this problem.

Auto Mouse Mover is a software that makes the mouse move at every interval in the absence of the user to make it remain active. The logging off of the desktop suddenly can lead to the non-saving of many important documents that the user has created or edited. The use of this application is very easy and simple. After the tool is activated, the user just has to put the number of pixels that the mouse has to be moved and at what time interval.

Auto Mouse Mover moves at the fixed interval as per decided by the user. The mouse also is kept at any corner of the screen. This application is applicable with the operating system of Windows XP and Windows Vista. It also works well with the operating system of Windows 7 and Windows 8.



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