AstroViewer is an application design to suit the needs of amateurs and professionals that want to learn more about the night sky. The utility has a simple interface that contains a sidebar in the left side of the window. From here, users can access various information about the model they have loaded. There are two available models that come with the app, one of the Northern hemisphere night sky and one of the Southern one.

Each of these models can be carefully studied with the aid of AstroViewer as it provides a panoramic view over the sky. Users can zoom in and out to see more or less of the sky and they can also study a certain constellation. Each of the existing constellation has been added in the models of the utility and it can be selected for more info.

Besides providing information about constellations, AstroViewer can also provide users info about each start that comprises these shapes in the sky. Thus, users can increase their knowledge and with the aid of this tool, they can easily spot the newly learned constellations by looking at the night sky. A search tool is available so stars can be looked for by providing their name.

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