Arclab Thumb Studio

Arclab thumb studio can be used as an album gallery for all your digital images which stores your pictures in a categorized manner. It is also easy to use in case you want to create thumbnail, slideshows and web photo albums for everyone to see. Arclab thumb Studio is basically a photo organizer with features like adding watermarks on your professional photos and creating different image sizes.

If you are using the Arclab Thumb Studio; you will be able to create 3 different sizes of a single image at once. This software has a very intuitive interface and contains several different attributes which can be customized as per the user requirement. Not only that, this software features a direct upload feature that lets you to upload an album or a slideshow directly to your existing web html page. Once you have shown the position that you want to upload a slideshow or a photo album, the software will handle all by itself. The album or slideshow will be uploaded seamlessly to the web page with lesser hassles involved.

This software can be used for adding watermarks to your pictures with an alpha-channel which will exert true transparency. Also, the transparency of that watermark can be adjusted with the help of a slider. The Arclab thumb Studio can be useful in editing EXIF data information like blend and aperture. The thumb studio also allows you to edit or add metatag information for copyright involvements and can be used offline without any license.



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