Antivirus Testing Software

Antivirus Testing software is a program that enables the users to test the antivirus software is which is currently installed in their systems. With the advancement of technology there virus and malware programs are also becoming advance. So new programs should be there in order to speculate whether the protection provided by the antivirus is sufficient enough or not, and Antivirus Testing software does that.

There is a free version available of Antivirus Testing software but has limited options or functionalities. The file size that has to be downloaded is around 2.49 megabytes. Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8; these are the operating systems which support Antivirus Testing software. This tool checks the antivirus program without putting the computer to any kind of risk

There is a proper working mechanism for Antivirus Testing software. It starts by creating an executable file in a location which is specified by the user which has a virus signature. This is just a virus signature with no such harmful effects of a real virus. Then the Antivirus Testing software is allowed to run and is seen whether any “virus” file is detected or not. If no virus is detected then this will ensure the proper working properly. Antivirus Testing software works for any professional or just a simple user . This software works very efficiently in ensuring the security of the system in an indirect manner.



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