Anaglyph Workshop

Anaglyph Workshop is a simple and straightforward application which can greatly help users who want to create anaglyph images. Such images are now the basic element of any three dimensional movies and creating them requires some effort. However, for those that do not need a professional solution but a quick and high quality one, the current tool is great for use.

Anaglyph Workshop is installed within moments and afterwards, users can start working with the tool and create their first anaglyph image. There are a few settings that have to be tweaked in order to achieve different effects. Users can create such a 3D image by starting with a single input file, but the best results are achieved when two files are used. These two images should be taken at different angles so that the 3D effect can be replicated in the virtual environment.

With the aid of Anaglyph Workshop, users can also create a three dimensional image starting from a depth map. This feature allows people to hide a secondary image into the primary one. Only with the aid of the special 3D glasses other viewers will be able to see the image. There is also the possibility to use other filters besides the classic red and cyan one.



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