Amharic-English Dictionary

Language softwares are getting popular these days due to the increasing need of different languages for use. These softwares are designed to translate a particular language into your known language word by word. They are capable of returning the matching results with the translation for the word as you type in the search bar. Incremental search is used for this purpose. The dictionary is looked for the matching words to help you with the translation. Almost all languages can be learnt with the help of language softwares as there are variety of programs dedicated to each of them. One of them intended for Amharic language is Amharic – English Dictionary.

Find every existing word in the Amharic language and translate it into English. If you are studying this language this tool may be helpful for you to find words that other dictionaries can’t find. This is a rare utility that is hard to find in the market, created by expert linguistic teachers who are aware of the student needs. Amharic-English Dictionary is a complete database of words, which provides a detailed definition of each word you need. It works in any machine regardless its operating system.

The program is capable of exporting your search results to applications like Excel spreadsheets so that you can use them further. With over 18000 entries for both the Amharic and the English language for the common words and phrases, you get to know the language without the need to use internet for surfing translation websites. The program includes audio files for each of the words of the language to teach you how to pronounce them. These files are recorded by native Amharic speakers. A very innovative feature introduced to let you make the most out of the program!

Fast and easy to install, use it and notice how your learning skills improve with this program.

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