All My Movies

Looking for a way to manage and organize a whole collection of movies no matter in what format they are? Got a very complete collection of DVD and Blu – Ray movies? If the answer to any of those two question is a ‘’Yes’’, then will surely want to get to know more about All My Movies.

This is basically a very handy and pretty to look at software whose main use is the efficient organization of the user’s movie collection. This software allows the user to create some kind of movie database; this will be useful to keep track of all the movies that are in our possession. In order to enter the movie into the database the user can simply use the movie’s bar code or manually search the movie information, the software gives access to over 15 different databases in 8 different languages.

When the right movie is found the software will automatically import all the important movie information, such as images, synopses, cast lists, soundtrack and much more. Additionally the user can create wish lists for the movies that they would like to watch, it’s also possible to mark the movies we have already watched and filter according to this criteria.



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