Adonize – Fitness Log

Adonize – Fitness Log is a comprehensive fitness app designed for anybody interested in improving his/her health continuously. Stay focused and get more out of yourself with this useful tool. The program lets you record, control and analyze your fitness training evaluations at home or at gym easily. Create training plans, learn new exercises and track your progress. The most impressive is the way the app allows creating your personal training plans. You can add your favorite exercises and use various workout routines. You get to browse through a large number of fitness exercises that include detailed descriptions for the movements, muscles involved as well as exercise photos.

The application lets you search for the exercises suiting your bodyweight or that work with specific equipment. You just need enter appropriate attribute into the search bar and the app would find them for you. With this tool, you can easily record all the values, exercises, sets, track your performance with training calendar. The program produces comprehensive 1RM bars for better evaluating and visualizing your progress. Some of the interesting features of the app include timer function, assigning exercises, creating personal exercises with descriptions, training calendar, intuitive operation, backup and synchronize data.

The perfect workout logging app for anybody wishing to keep track of their fitness activities! Get it for your PC today with BlueStacks emulator for free!

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