PDF is a universal format and is supported on almost all high end devices nowadays. But it is a bit tough to convert normal files to PDF. AcroPDF is a piece of software that makes the process easier. AcroPDF has a bunch of features. This software installs virtual printers on the user’s desktop and users can use these printers to print out printable documents, but the output is actually saved as a PDF file with a particular name in a particular path.

Users can even configure other settings in the output PDF, which includes alignment, i.e. portrait or landscape, paper type and other things that can be configured before printing a piece of document. The software is very fast and can provide a huge conversion speed of almost 100 pages in a minute and this can increase with better computer configuration.

AcroPDF is a tool that is generally programmed for industrial tasks and thus it provides greater compatibility, security, page stretching etc. It has other advanced features too, which can be comprehended after installing the software. The software provides 32 bit and 64 bit version of the program in a single package, which will be installed automatically for different windows architecture. It is well-suited with all the latest Windows OS.



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