Aciqra is an application that provides support to users who need to keep track of constellations in the sky or just want to learn more. Such an utility is extremely useful for amateurs and professionals, too, as everyone can increase their knowledge with the aid of the tool. There are various modes in which users can view the night sky within this tool and each of them provides a unique insight.

Aciqra can be installed with ease and afterwards, users can launch it and load up a model. There are separate models for each hemisphere and they can be loaded separately. However, a model which comprises both hemispheres is also available, but only in a three dimensional view. This 3D view is the most dynamic as the sky can be seen from many angles, just as it would be seen from Earth.

More than 120,000 stars are cataloged by Aciqra and each of them has more or less information available for users. All of the 88 constellations have been added within the app and each of them has its outline traced so users can easily find and learn each one. A solar system viewer tool is also available for those that want to explore the planets.



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