Ace Explorer

A lot of different web browser software is fighting the battle of existence and popularity. Basically, the web browser category is being dominated mostly by the big names of the industry such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But there are also some other strong contenders present in the battle. Ace Explorer is one of those web browsers, which still have not gained that much of popularity, but trying to become a big name.

Ace Explorer is a type of browser, which shares many similarities with the Internet Explorer predecessor versions. In the interface department as well as in the performance categorization, Ace Explorer and the Internet Explorer share almost the same features. The interface is provided with menu bars and several different icons, which will surely give you the feel of using the Internet Explorer. There is also a toolbar to provide you means of web page editing involvements, e-mail notifier settings, font changes, zoom in and out procurement. You could also include surfing the internet with a proxy server.

The only distinguished feature that has been included in Ace Explorer is the customization with themes and color schemes. Also, it provides a tab opening that means you do not have to open another browser window just to open a different webpages. This web browser is also very much dependable in security. This feature can be conferred as a more comprehensive one than IE.

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