4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer

Electronic contacts on mobile phones have resembled the process of writing contacts on the phone directory. But what is going to happen, if the contacts get lost due to some technical reason, or if the device goes out of order? Losing contacts can be a challenging situation. But 4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer is the only solution to face the challenge.

The program allows the iPhone users to transfer all the contact files to the program so that the users can create a backup of the contact files. Users can even export the contact files and data in CSV and vcard formats so that they can be used on other devices too. Not only up to these, the software also allowed the users to create a secondary backup also by keeping the backup files on online servers like google, yahoo etc. Users can even access the contacts on their iPhone without creating the backups and allow the users to send mails or SMS messages directly from the program’s interface without even touching the mobile. Thus the software is a very efficient one.

4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer user interface is a user friendly one and thus it attracts users of all types. The lack of complex features also makes this software a popular one. It is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems.

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