12Ghosts Startup

12Ghosts Startup is an application that can be used as a start up manager by users who need to clean up the list of applications that start along with the operating system. Of course, there are some which are useful such as the antivirus or other critical system tools, but most of them are useless and they just make the system run slower and slower.

12Ghosts Startup can quickly display a list of the processes that are currently allowed to launch at start up. Users can take action for each of them after they analyze the list. The name, of the app, the actual process and other things are displayed in a column view so that users can see all of he required data fast.

12Ghosts Startup allows people to disable an app from the start up queue or remove it altogether from it. On the other hand, new applications can be added in order to be launched along with the system. This way, users have the possibility to further customize the list. Delays can also be applied to various applications if users do not want to completely disable them but at the same time, need a lower resource usage while the system boots up.



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