Web Customer Miner

For any business it is of vital importance to build up and collect a large database of contacts to assist you in expansion based activities. It today’s net connected world the web has become a virtual goldmine for collecting and collating vital data that could become the springboard to leap frog your company into success. Web Customer Miner is speedy and simple to use search tool. With the help of this nifty software you can gather important contact data.

You can collect these data from particular web sites or you can also find them on keyword input with the aid of search engines like yahoo, Google, All The Web, AOL, MSN, Look smart, Dmoz and many more such search engine options available online. This program can assemble contact data from URL, email address, fax number or via contact number. If it is required so that you need to search your data within a given parameter, the Web Customer Miner allows you to do exactly that and with ease.

You may set up such output filter options such as email address or Fax / Telephone numbers etc. this can be created as a one per line text file or a CSV file. In order to foster the inherent utility of software such as WCM, the price has been kept at a modest $ 99.00 to ensure you can really mine gold and not just customer data. After all it is on the strength of data that you can really create a sophisticated means of putting them to great use.

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