PDFArea PDF Protection Remover

PDFArea PDF Protection Remover is a friend in need tool designed and developed by PDFArea Software. This tool is a utility for PDF documents to decrypt an encrypted PDF file which is also protected by other means such as password to open, copy prevented, print prevented, etc. The tool ensures that you can bypass all the prevention and protection controls implemented on your Acrobat Adobe PDF document and ensure hassle free reading.

The tool ensures the decryption of PDF files which are encrypted with 40 bit RC4 encryption, 128 bit RC4 and AES encryption, and 256 bit AES encryption. The tool can also avert the restriction on the files such as editing along with the other mentioned controls. The tool ensures that the decrypted file can be opened in any PDF editor or viewer without any restrictions. The tool is designed to be a standalone product, ensuring that it does not require you to install Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader on the system to open the decrypted file. There is a drag and drop feature support in the application to easily read protected files, apart from the normal browsing options. The tool is designed with a very simple interface which could be understood by any one. Apart from its simplicity, there is also a fully indexed help file with complete details.

The tool supports batch processing of PDF files and there is no certain limit on the number of files which can be decrypted simultaneously. The tool prompts for a target folder to store all the decrypted files with no prevention controls. The tool also ensures no dependency on print drivers and accepts the default one configured. The free to try version allows you to decrypt only half a page as a trial. The tool supports all flavors of windows operating systems including XP, Windows 7, Vista, and Win 8.

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