PDF Protection Remover

PDF Protection Remover is a simple application that is able to remove various protection measures that can be instated on a PDF document. This file type is usually more easily accessible to readers than Word documents, for example, even if it provides less editing options. However, users might discover that certain basic permissions are denied for a document, such as the ability to print it.

PDF Protection Remover can take care of such issues by removing all of the protection elements added onto a PDF document. Firstly, users have to select one or more PDF files they want decrypted and they can simply drag and drop them onto the interface of the utility. This way, users can quickly add all of the needed files. The tool does not rely on Adobe Acrobat utilities to do its job and users are not even required to have any kind of PDF reader installed.

After the files have been provided, it is time to put PDF Protection Remover to work and this can be done by pressing a single button. Within seconds, all of the files will have their protection removed. If it happens for one file to have its permissions still in place, then the user will be informed about the situation.

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