PDF Plain Text Extractor

PDF Plain Text Extractor is a utility that is intended to help users extract text from a PDF document and save it as a Text file. You can choose the pages from which text needs to be extracted for saving as a Text file. The tool claims to offer the capability to automatically insert page breaks as well as include authoring information. Designed and developed by Retsina Software Solutions, the publishers claim that this an easy to use tool for implementing conversions from PDF to Text format.

The tool offers multi-lingual support and can be used to convert PDF documents in languages other than English, including some European languages as well as Korean, traditional Chinese, and Japanese. The program claims to be a stand-alone software application and therefore does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat or Reader or any other PDF software to be able to implement the functionalities of this tool. It executes an independent analysis of the PDF document and executes the conversion process. The tool is integrated with a simple and user-friendly graphical user interface, which makes implementation of the tool simple and easy. Another prominent feature of this tool is its batch conversion function that allows you to convert multiple PDFs, located in different folders, to Text files at the same time.

The tool implements the conversion process quickly; however, as is evident from its name, it is only a text extractor. Therefore, it does not extract the images embedded within the PDF file. This is regarded as one of the major limitations of this conversion tool. The tool is built to be compatible with Windows Explorer; therefore, you can even open the files in the Explorer window and execute the conversion task without actually opening the tool’s interface. This is implemented using the right-click pop-up menu in Explorer. This tool can be implemented in most Windows systems such as Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, and XP versions. You can check out the tool using its 15 day trial version, which however offers only 5 pages of conversion.

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