PC TimeCop

If you want to restrict the amount of time that each and every individual can access the computer then you could definitely download PC TimeCop. This setup could be done in any given time, day or month. Using PC TimeCop you can definitely decide which programs should be used and who the users are. Therefore it decides both the user and the program. The websites visited could also be monitored along with periodic screenshots and keyboard strokes.

PC TimeCop has three different security levels and it helps in enforcing the rule that has been set by the user. All the upgrades available are free and computer abuse is greatly reduced. One can download it free and can enjoy the cost free benefits. PC TimeCop does not have any monthly subscription fees. A specific time could be set for a day to browse the internet. In a session report all the inappropriate browsers could be seen and further reported. From different versions of web browser the web pages could be blocked such as from Firefox, IE7, Opera and AOL.

PCT TimeCop could also be used to control Games and applications. Screen shots could also be taken along with monitoring and managing the web browser. The children are not allowed to change the computer settings and in order all the preference settings are preserved and the computer is protected. Watch Dog Technology could also be used and with this setting the computer is generally hack proof. The application is 100% compatible with PC.

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