Omega Drive Mach1 2006

Omega Drive Mach1 2006 centered on ZRFW (Explorer-styled). Features include: Unique Computer file Manager/Picture Editor/File Decoder/MM Gamer. CompuServe called ZRFW *Swiss-army blade of utility programs*ZRFW Media was in PCWorld, ZRFW 4 years Top Obtain choose, Omega Drive was a AOL Everyday Obtain (top ranked program). All the versions has an enhanced interface, easier duplicating and moving information, enhanced image audience and movie/MP3 player and has new 3D and 4D games. Omega Drive was recommended in CompuServe Journal and was a Top Everyday Obtain chooses on AOL. It is a Computer file Administrator; file decoder, image audience, Film player, iPod, and more. It contains usable levels of the Cubix 2D 3D 4D games also.

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