Microsoft Office Word 2010

Microsoft Office Word 2010 is one of the latest installments provided by Microsoft in terms of word processing tools. This application is one of the leading tools in the market and it features quality tools that can find a place on everyone’s computer. The design has been completely changed in order to provide users more functionality regarding the main features of the applications. The tool now also provides certain options for bloggers and they might benefit with various formatting tools that can be imported into blog posts.

The installation takes a little bit more than 10 minutes and there are a bunch of services that can only be accessed while the user is connected to the internet. New file formats have been introduced in the new installment of the office suite. For example, DOC files are now going along newer DOCX files that are smaller and more flexible to use. There are also a few options that can be used in order to customize images featured inside a document and there is a good preview options that appears while hovering on a certain effect – this way, clicking and undoing have been eliminated.

Calibri is now the new standard font of the office suite and along it, there are no special formatting elements added into the document, so clearing the formatting is not an option that has to be used in order to attain a clean document that can be imported inside a HTML file. The Ultimate version of the bundle package features the possibility of saving documents in a cloud-based service and this is a great addition. The free version comes as a trial and all of the features are available, although only for sixty days. The period that is much longer than other competitors offer with their trial installment office packages.

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