Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats free

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats is a very powerful and necessary pack for those who wonder how to open and use those files generated out of the Office suites after 2007 version. It is a known fact that after Office 2007 was introduced, the output files from all these office suites were stored in a different format like ‘docx’. These files could not be opened from any of the Office suites of Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003 products. This Compatibility pack offers a permanent solution to these problems.

This software should not be mistaken for a patch or a fix, as this was never included in any of the Microsoft’s automatic updates. This tool needs to be deployed separately to start opening any files in the latest formats from any of the 2000, XP, and 2003 suites only. Hence it can be clearly stated that this compatibility pack is applicable only for the Office suites of 2000, XP, and 2003 versions. The most mentionable feature is that this compatibility pack can also be used in the case of MS Office Word Viewer 2003, MS Office Excel Viewer 2003, and PowerPoint Viewer 2003 to view those files saved in the new formats.

This compatibility pack works on the Window OS such as 2K, XP, 2003, and Vista OS flavors. This is a freeware and can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. This pack does not require a restart of the computers upon installation and works right away on all DOCX, XLSX or PPTX files. This is not a great software by itself, but is a great pack when used in conjunction with the two different formats of files and its Office suites. This has been the compulsive outcome of the wrong planning Microsoft had in its releases of Office suites, offering two different formats of files. This solves the long pending compatibility issue between these suites.

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