Mgosoft PDF Merger

The Mgosoft PDF Merger software application could be perfect for those users who are looking to merge two or more than two Acrobat PDF documents into a single document in the PDF format. This software tool is capable of acting as a standalone application that can function as a PDF merger without the need of any other software including Adobe Acrobat or Reader software. This ability to generate new PDF document by the merging of two or more such PDF files without the need of any other applications gives this software the edge over its competitors.

The Mgosoft PDF Merger software application allows users to combine various parts of PDF documents and not just the entire documents. This added flexibility in choosing the relevant content from any PDF documents enables the users to exploit numerous alternatives for the creation of new PDF documents. This PDF merger software preserves all the various annotations present in the files that they merge to create a new one.

The Mgosoft PDF Merger software tool allows its users to merge PDF files having owner passwords and enables users to input their own password for enhanced protection against data theft. The simple user interface makes this software a complete breeze to use even for the novices. Users can navigate and select various features with the utmost of ease. This software is compatible with computers running Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. Thus, this software tool is just perfect for enabling its users to create unique PDF documents from preexisting PDF files.

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