MetroFax is an efficient fax software which couples efficient interface bolster with great pricing. It enables you to fax through mobile device, online, internet by email or fax machine. The software is compatible with online storage services like Dropbox, Box and Google Docs. There is more to it! The software even exhibits compatibility with all Microsoft softwares.

Most fax softwares charge you by the minute, but MetroFax charges you by the page, this means that no matter how long the fax takes to get transmitted it still only charges you for the amount of pages sent. This makes MetroFax very economical, especially when you will have to send complex file formats and images. The free mobile apps supported by MetroFax allows you to send and receive faxes using Android, iPad or iPhones as well. The camera tool of the mobile devices can be used to send image-file faxes.

MetroFax supports complex file formats like image formats, Microsoft Office Files and PDFs. It also provides features like, custom cover pages, fax broadcasting, reporting options and so on. The software also employs security protocols and provides HIPPA-compliant corporate accounts. All the fax transmissions are made safe using SSL encryption protection. Overall, this amazing fax software will earn many happy customers.

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