Learn Chinese Mandarin Pro

Learn Chinese Mandarin Pro is the Android app that offers the simplest way to learn Chinese language! It is an easy to use, comprehensive phrasebook specially designed for visitors to countries speaking Chinese and others interested in learning Mandarin. The most important thing about this program is that it is recorded with native speakers to be the most authentic in pronunciation while keeping it easy to understand. Highly recommended business people and tourists visiting China, this app would surely help learning the language basics easily. It contains carefully translated set of essential phrases and audio pronunciation by native speakers.

The application lets you play all the phrases together by itself in each of the categories. There are more than 800 phrases across 18 categories. You get the ability to change the font size, highlight important words, search by keywords, save frequently used phrases as favorites. Some of the categories of phrases include general conversation, greetings, transportation, numbers, accommodation, colors, shopping, dating, family, feeling sick, emergency, date and time, directions and places, tongue twisters and many more.

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