Kindle Previewer

Kindle Previewer is an application designed to help users who want to experience a Kindle directly on their computer. Of course, the utility targets people that do not have the actual device but want to read books from Amazon and not only. The tool is able to fully emulate the look of a Kindle and there are several modes, such as the classic or the Kindle DX mode, depending on each one’s needs.

Users have the possibility to even buy books from Amazon with the aid of Kindle Previewer. They just have to follow the classic steps and the book will be delivered to their virtual device. Then, they can start reading. They can also load books into the virtual Kindle from other places, depending on their possibilities. The recommended format is MOBI, although a Kindle supports other formats, too, even the basic TXT.

Kindle Previewer displays the book just as the classic reader would do it and users can assign different shortcuts on the keyboard to switch to different pages or chapters, as long as the book has them built in. The tool even emulates the look of the battery in the upper area of the screen, although this is just added for visual enjoyment and accuracy related to the real product.

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