Jarte is an application that can provide an alternative to both paid and freeware text editors, such as WordPad, which is built in Windows. This tool has a simple interface but it can provide quick access to various functions so that users can quickly edit text in a number of ways. Although the app creates RTF files by default, it can also work with DOC and DOCX documents.

Jarte can open Microsoft Word documents and it can export them in the same format. Moreofer, users who code can write their lines with a monospace font and afterwards, they can export the file as a HTML one. PDF documents can also be created easily with the aid of the app. Various editing tools are available and text can have its weight or color changed, but it can also feature special effects. Tables and other shapes can be inserted with ease within the app, too.

Jarte provides a few templates and more of them can be imported or built for various document types. Watermarks can also be added and there are a few images already provided. Printing is achieved with ease with the aid of this text editor and beisdes previewing the document, users can also set up the margins for the pages that are about to be printed.

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