hCG Diet +

hCG Diet+ is an innovative health package that tracks all the diet phases and syncs all the information including measurements, photos, weight and notes using the online service. You can sync all the devices with the service so as to have all your information at your fingertips wherever you go. The app features easy daily meal planning that creates automatic shopping lists. It also offers you access to a Can I Eat food database which includes prepared food items too. Your daily progress is tracked with protocol success calendar. It not only provides an overview of your position on the diet schedule but also allows filling any data you missed.

The program has vegetarian options and the facility to hide the meat/animal product icons if you wish. The streamlined phase 2 planning is good for seeing only what you wish to eat. Other features include tracking glucose and blood pressure, calorie tracking, clear and easy to navigate interface, ability to plan lunch, dinner, snacks for each day, automatic body and weight measurements, graphs for each day based on numbers entered, push pin icons which serve as reminders for meal planning, pass code app lock for keeping the photos and personal info secure, ability to reset data, ability to change the start date and overriding the system without losing information.

You also get the ability to store photos with each day in the calendar. This proves to be a good way to see the journey from start to end. You can even create a slideshow with the app to show your friends. There is a journal notes section which can be used to log entries for each day’s diet. The perfect hCG diet tracker for anybody! Give it a try today on PC with BlueStacks emulator!

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