Grammarly is a highly accurate online grammar check that acts as a virtual grammar coach and an automated proofreader. It provides a plethora of tools and features to help you correct your grammar. Grammarly boasts of more than 250 types of grammatical errors that help you to improve the varied types of documents including, reports, academic writing, business documents, book reviews and so on.

The online grammar checker is 95 percent accurate which is quite high when compared to its rivals. It identifies the mistakes in use of articles and negatives, capitalization, use of prepositions, adverbs and modifiers. It also finds a punctuation mistakes and bad sentence structures. Grammarly offers an accurate spell check with an inbuilt dictionary that offers synonyms to help you to enhance your vocabulary. It also offers integration with MS Office.

This online grammar check service also has tools to check for plagiarism. It gives good feedback by breaking down all your mistakes and displaying it to the right of the text. The summary of the mistakes committed can be saved in PDF format if you wish to print it. Grammarly has a smooth and usable interface. Overall, this software is helpful in enhancing the writing skills of every individual.

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