Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the leading browsers that are currently available in the market and users can download it for free. The installation process is simple and the tool will download a few files from the internet. During the setup process, users can choose to select the browser as the default one and they can also import previous bookmarks from other browsers. Afterwards, the program is ready to start and people are able to use all of the features in order to experience one of the finest internet browsing experiences.

Synchronization is a useful feature of the tool and one can use it with ease, if he connects a Google account to the application. He will then be able to synchronize bookmarks and settings between various devices, even mobile phones that use this browser. The interface contains just a few elements besides the website area. In the most upper area, the tabs are displayed and this browser can sustain more than sixty different files open at once without crashing. Right underneath the Onmibox is present and here, various icons from extensions might be present. The full Options menu is in the right area of the search box, and here users can customize various settings, ranging from privacy to extension matters.

Themes can be applied to the browser right from the official “shop” and everything is free to use. Malware scanning is a top feature of the browser and users will be informed about malicious websites or suspect downloads. The application is optimized to run fast and various extensions will barely increase the load times of various pages. Bookmarks can be easily sorted on a bar below Omnibox or they can be placed in various folders tagged according to one’s needs. Google Chrome is a promising browser that manages to keep the standards high with very few issues. You can find here the Antivirus Scan of Chrome.

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