An innovative software that lets users find all the important technical info about his PC. One can look for any software or hardware information or just have them handy at all times with this tool. The good thing about this app is the tabbed interface which makes it easier to use. The categorization makes it quick and easy to read and you can also export the information to a RTF or TXT format so as to view anywhere by anyone. This makes it possible to retrieve the information as and when a need arises. Not only this, the program provides a direct access to various Windows utilities which proves useful to anybody needing a quick maintenance.

Some of the information areas this utility finds include OS name, architecture, version, system folders, service pack, serial and license numbers. Other elements are Media Player, DirectX versions and Internet Explorer, CPU model, maker’s digital sign, family, architecture, stepping, socket type, clock frequency and total memory cache, video card model, file system used, connection interface, number of partition, hard disk capacity, bios type, version, etc.

Now you can have a ready list of all the major hardware and software data about your PC!

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