Get Running

Get Running is an amazing running app for beginners that helps you stay fit and fantastic. This app is designed to make you jogging for continuous half an hour even if you are finding it difficult getting of the sofa today. Just spend nine weeks with three interesting workouts per week. The program uses the popular ‘C25K’ running plan to break through the ‘beginning barrier’. The human coach of the program builds up the pace gradually until you get running for half an hour. The coaches with human voice is the most outstanding feature of the app. It has a large number of studio recorded prompts in human voice.

With the forum facility, you can stay encouraged and supported by talking with fellow rookies. The application lets you plan your running and is intuitive enough to know what day is best to run next. You can take your rest days to recover. The Run Clock feature can be customized for each workout and gives the complete understanding and visibility. The application works well with other apps like the Spotify, music player and Rdio. It runs silently in the background so that it does not get in the way of other tasks. The app can even publish your success on Twitter and Facebook, logs your achievements and displays illuminating record of progress. What more, the program is built to fit your schedule as you need to perform only three workouts a week.

The perfect workout app for anybody interested in staying fit with minimal effort! Try it on your PC today by downloading it with BlueStacks App Player!

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