Gantt Chart Template for Excel free

Gantt Charts are a very important element of projects for anybody willing to analyze their projects effectively. A Gantt Chart is a pictorial representation of a project schedule. It is usually a type of bar chart that illustrates the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Some Gantt Charts also show the dependency relationships between activities. Designing Gantt Charts for your project helps you a lot with the project. They can prove to be good project management tool for anyone and any type of project being undertaken.

Creating Gantt charts with Microsoft Excel is both necessary and beneficial. It lets you simplify your project to a great extent. A template designed for Excel specially dedicated to creation of Gantt Charts is here for you to download. Gantt Chart Template for Excel is nothing more than a spreadsheet. It can be used to create project schedules of basic type. It can be adjusted for projects with any duration. It is possible to add any number of tasks and subtasks by inserting new rows.

It is very simple to use this spreadsheet for any project of any duration. Fill in your project name in the row dedicated for project name. You have a row for project description. You need to enter the project start date and the period by ticking number of weeks or end date. Then you select working days for the project from three options available. These are: Monday to Sunday, Monday to Friday and Monday to Saturday which decides the project duration. You also have today’s marker and holiday’s marker that you can set to activate or deactivate by selecting yes or no in the marker cell. These information is enough to set up the chart. Then you can fill in the project details with Level, PIC, Task, Finish date and Start date. All other calculations and details will be taken care of by the template through inbuilt formulas. It is also possible to include task dependencies in the chart you create for better functionality.

A very useful template for Excel! Get it today and benefit from its project management abilities.

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