Fuse Bead Pattern Designer

Fuse Bead Pattern Designer is a creative tool, especially crafted for learning purpose for the children. It is mainly depending upon perler beads. A person can both design as well as print different pattern for perler beads projects with the help of this software. It includes at about 40 pegboard layouts and almost all the colors for perler beads. Someone can create unlimited number of designs with this application.

Fuse Bead Pattern Designer provides the option of saving the designs and also sharing it with others. It is an easy to use tool and creating designs with this software is sheer fun. People from any age group will find it to be useful for their employment. If a person creates a design with a bead color which not seems to be perfect, then he or she can change it any time as per wish.

The user can search out colors, model designs etc via this tool. One of the striking features of this software is that, it can be employed by multiple users, and still they can keep their designs separate. Someone can import as well as export designs to this application. Fuse Bead Pattern Designer helps the user to create large sized four square projects.

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