Firefox Video Helper

A product that has been designed and developed by Graugon, Firefox Video Download Helper is, exactly what its name suggests, a web content extraction or download tool that is intended to help users of Firefox browsers to download content from the Internet. This tool is, basically, a Firefox add-on utility that was created with the objective of helping users extract required content from various sources or websites. You can use this tool to download various types of images or video files from different website or web pages on the net. The tool is easy to implement and use.

With this tool, you can continue with your regular browsing activities. Whenever the tool detects any content that matches your criteria or specification, its menu gets activated and this is notified by its animated icon. You can download whatever you need with just a simple mouse click to select the items that you want to download. The tool offers support for various popular website such as YouTube, Google Videos, MySpace, Porkolt, DailyMotion, DreamHost, iFilm, etc. You can directly download the videos or other files that you need from these websites to your system.

Supported in various Windows based systems such as Windows 98, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, NT, Me, XP, Vista, and Server versions, you can avail this tool as a free to use software application. With this tool, you can also convert the videos that you have downloaded to any format of your preference. The tool also offers the ability to download multiple links, simultaneously. You can also configure the tool to download links, one at a time, so that you can continue with other regular online activities. The ability to determine the direct links on a page, by rolling your mouse over the menu, is another significant feature; it highlights all direct links on the page. This will make your task easier and simpler.

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